Testimonials from Satisfied Owners


The following testimonials were in the 2016 Recommendations sections of

THE VIRGINIA GAZETTE ( http://www.vagazette.com/ )


Having moved to Williamsburg ten months ago, one of the biggest concerns for my husband and me was leaving behind a fabulous neighbor who would cat sit for us whenever we traveled. Our apprehension was quickly assuaged when a new neighbor recommended Paws & Claws. I was immediately impressed by their professionalism when a pre-sitting visit was arranged to meet their new clients. We went away very confident and relaxed with the knowing Tallulah and Jasper would be in good hands. I highly recommend Paws & Claws (757-229-0050). Thanks, Alisa, Carolyn and Ronni!


My family has two birds, three small dogs, one rabbit and a pond full of gold fish. Over the last two or three years, we have needed a pet sitting business to help care for all of the above during family vacations and business trips. We are very pleased with the service and friendly pet sitters of everyone associated with Paws and Claws pet sitting. We highly recommend them.  Before they agree to take care of your pets, they have an adult visit your house to learn about your pet’s feeding, sleeping and the all-important play routines. FYI—while some pet sitting businesses have been around for a while, Paws and Claws has been in business over 10 years!

Our go-to option for pet sitting is Paws and Claws. Barney and Josh, our favorites—we call them the "dog whisperers"—are reliable and loving to our pets, whether we are traveling for a week away from home or are on an all-day excursion. Their excellent care taking shows they clearly love their job. Owner Ronnye can be reached at 229-0050. I highly recommend them.


I want to highly recommend Paws and Claws Pet Sitting Services. Barney and Josh take excellent care of my two mischievous poodles—like they are their own. Even when I had to stay out of town for an extra three weeks, they made sure that my poodles were well taken care of and had to get more supplies. I have used their services since 2011 and they are absolutely wonderful.


Let me add my voice to the chorus: Paws and Claws Petsitting is terrific! Caring and reliable. We look forward to the "report cards" they leave after every visit. They absolutely go above and beyond—no need to stop your mail or worry about your plants drooping—and their professionalism is top notch. Paws and Claws provides the peace of mind anyone needs when they have to leave their pet.

I'm a very satisfied user of Paws and Claws Pet Sitting Service (757-814-6626) for over 5 years. They also pick up my mail, newspaper and put out the garbage and recycling bins! A note is left giving the highlights of their visits which I enjoy reading when I return home and my cats are very content! So, whether away for work, vacation or even once when I had an emergency stay the hospital, you can rely on their services to take care of your pets.