Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  What are your fees?

A.  We charge $20 a visit and each visit is up to 45 minutes.  As long as we can do what needs to be done to properly care for your pet or pets within that 45 minute time period, there is no additional charge.  Administering of meds, vitamins or supplements is an additional $5. per day. 

Q.  Do you increase your fee when caring for multiple pets?

A.  We try not to increase our fee and have done so only when the number of pets require our visit to be considerably extended or when specific needs, such as the administering of medication is required. 

Q.  Are there any pets that you would not consider caring for?

A.  We have yet to find a pet that we declined to take care of, although snakes are not high on our list of favorites.  As long as we are given full instructions on the proper care and handling, we are happy to care for any of our clients' pets.

Q.  Do you provide overnight stays?

A.  Yes, we have several pet sitters that will stay overnight depending on their availability.

Q.  Do you administer medications?

 A.  Yes, we administer medications by mouth or injection.  We charge an additional $5 per day for the administration of any medication.

Q.  Is tipping the pet sitter permissible?

 A.  By all means!


Q.  Would you come to a hotel or motel to care for our pet?

A.  Yes, we make visits to care for pets in any of the hotels or motels that allow them.  Please feel free to call us for a list of pet friendly accommodations in the Williamsburg area.

Q.  Are you dog walkers?

A.  Yes, although we more often refer to ourselves as pet sitters.  We are available to do what we refer to as daily dog walks for those clients that are at work or away from their home on a regular basis.